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January 11, 2008

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Old Shoes

I believe that life is about the little things. Mostly. There are some big things that are pretty nifty, but they lose their lustre and are not easily repeated. The little things can be repeated over and over with little or no effort, thus providing readily obtainable happiness. The smart person will invest in the little things and become a smart, happy person.

One of my favourite little things is new shoes. Anyone who’s ever been with me when I get a new pair of shoes can attest that I have a “New Shoes Dance”. Getting a new pair of shoes is like getting a new pair of feet. You feel like a whole new person, like you could walk for days on end and never tire of it. New shoes open up a world of possibility.

Another one of my favourite little things is a new pair of socks. Fresh out of the package, not even washed, new socks. They’re so soft and cushiony. When I walk around in a new pair of socks I get the same feeling I get with a fresh snowfall – everything is covered in a soft white blanket and the world is perfect. And new socks are easily repeated. If you go to Walmart you can buy 6 pairs for $5. That’s a new pair of socks every day for almost a week, for only $5. Does life get any better?

And that brings me to the point of this gibberish. Old shoes. You know what I mean. Every now and again you’ll be digging in the closet for something and you’ll come out with an old pair of shoes. A pair that you’d completely forgotten about. The first thing that goes through your mind is the memory of the day you bought them. You remember the feeling of wearing a pair of new shoes (see discussion above). And then you put them on and you experience it… the feeling that you have never had, and will never have a pair of shoes this comfortable again. But it happens again, and again when you least expect it. Part of the feeling is physical: stepping into a pair of shoes that have been moulded to the shape of you feet over time but there this another part, something intangible and almost magical. The best little things are the unexpected little things.

There’s also a bonus: as you get older you acquire more pairs of shoes to forget about and rediscover, making more frequent happy little things. And when you get really old and your memory goes it happens every day.

If I go back and read this post, I realize I may have a foot fetish. Hmmm, interesting.

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