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June 11, 2005

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I Have A Twin

I recently went to the Kelsey’s in Petawawa and the waitress kept giving me funny looks. Finally she told me that she recognized me from somewhere, but she couldn’t remeber where. Ok, fair enough.

Towards the end of our meal she told me that she remembered seeing me at the license bureau last week when I registered a new vehicle – a grey Jeep.

Hmm… two problems, I wasn’t at the license bureau and I didn’t buy a Jeep. The waitress was adamant that it was me or “someone that looks enough like you to be your identical twin”.

Nope, wasn’t me.

After arguing about my identity with the waitress, Christina and I went to the local nursery to get some flowers to pretty-up the house a bit. While I was wandering the aisles of flowers one of the staff approached me as though he knew me…

Him: “How’s it goin’?” (innocuous enough question)

Me: “Ok” (standard response to people I don’t know)

Him: “Are you playing volleyball again this summer?” (huh?)

Me: “Huh?”

Him: “Didn’t we play volleyball on the same team last summer?” (huh?)

Me: “Nope”

Him: “Sorry, you look exactly like someone else.” (huh? – as you can see I found this conversation very confusing)

Me: “Ok” (standard response to being told I look exactly like someone else)

And then he left.

Lets pause for a minute and review. I go for lunch in Petawawa and get told by my waitress that I look exactly like someone she’s dealt with recently. 10 minutes later I go to a nursery and get told by some guy that I look exactly like someone else he knows.

I think the only possible explanation is that I have an identical twin running free somewhere and this is what I know about him:

1) He looks exactly like me. Damn twins!
I’m not sure if he’s evil or not… if he’s not, what does that make me?

2) He recently purchased a grey Jeep.

3) He played volleyball last summer.

4) He most likely lives in Petawawa.

I’m going to ask for your help…

If you see me (or someone who looks exaclty like me) make a point of approaching me and asking if it really is me. If I confirm that it is indeed myself, we’ve neither gained nor lost anything. However, if this person you’ve approached who looks exactly like me turns out not to be me, please find out who he is, what he does, and anything else you think may be of interest to an identical twin.

Perhaps if this Woody look-alike isn’t busy at the moment and he’s agreeable to it, and you’re not busy at the moment and you’re agreeable to it, you could bring him to see me so we could sort this whole long-lost twin thing out.

Thank you in advance for talking to me (??) or anyone who looks like me. That sounds strange but you know what I mean.

I just thought of something… I’ve been assuming this whole time that the waitress and the nursery guy (horticulturist??) were referring to the same person. Maybe they weren’t. Maybe there are two more of me out there. I could be an original, a duplicate, or even a triplicate. Strange…

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