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May 1, 2005

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Foods That End In “Os”

For most people the first day of spring is March 21, but not for me. My spring begins on May 1.

May 1 is the day that I reappear. In many respects I am the Wierton Willy (Wierton Woody?) of the accounting world, only I’m not afraid of my shadow. I emerge from my long winter with a long list of things to do, things I have put off for 3 months. People always know when tax season is over because they see me everywhere!

May 1 is also the day that I start to shed my winter bulk. Over the winter I start to take on the shape of a groundhog – it’s a result of little exercise, little sleep, and foods that end in “Os”.

Some of my favourite foods that end in “Os”:

1) Cheerios
2) Oreos
3) Pogos
4) Nachos
5) Tacos

These are the winter foods of an accountant.

I would like to talk some more but I have things to do. I’ll check in again soon.

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