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October 31, 2004

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Happy Halloween, Boo!

I wasn’t sure whether to make this post to The Woody Housing Project or to The Woody Project but since it doesn’t specifically relate to housing projects I decided to put it here.

This is the first halloween in the new house, the first halloween on my own, and the first halloween where I’m the one in charge. Creepy!

As you can see I didn’t do too much decorating this year, I’ll try better next year. I also went for the basic jack-o-lantern. I figured I’d go basic this year and get a little more creative next year.

Christina was home for the weekend and had time to make herself a halloween costume.

She decided to go as a Home Depot yard waste bag. I like to refer to her now as the Home Depot Paper Bag Princess.

My sister Erin came over to help with the candy-giving-out and to watch horror movies…

Whooppee! thbbbph!

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