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January 21, 2003

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Bad Service in Cold Weather

I always have the best of intentions and I mean to update this blog more regularly… please be patient, faithful reader.

It’s cold. Damn cold. Cold is to be expected where I live and most of the time I don’t mind it, but lately it’s been ridiculously cold. For example, last night it was -39 with a windchill somewhere in the -40s. Is there really a point to having things so cold? I mean, what’s the difference between -30 and -40 (other than 10 degrees)? I doubt the human body can sense any difference at all. I know I can’t… anything after -30 I just call damn cold.

Enough aboot the weather.

Everywhere I go I seem to be bombarded with the idea that customer service is the key to a successful business. Sounds about right… we’ve been hearing that “the customer is always right” most of our lives but it always surprises me how few people actually practice this.

What’s my point? I took my car into the local dealership for some routine maintenance and I can’t imagine that same dealership surviving in a larger centre.

1) First thing in the morning the floor was filthy.

2) It was so chaotic it took a couple of minutes for them to realize I was there.

3) Two specific items I asked to be repaired on my car weren’t done and I had to insist that they fix them while I waited (after them having the car for 8 hours).

4) They outright lied to me about fixing them.

5) Furthermore, they acted put out by my request. How dare I insist they do the work I already paid them for!

I could go on and on but I think I made my point. I’m not asking to be treated like a king: I’m realistic, but is it too much to ask to be treated fairly? Why do I have to fight to obtain merely an acceptable level of service?

I’m a big believer in presentation. More on this later.

Enough for now.


January 5, 2003

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The Two Towers and other things…

Being a projectionist you’d think that I would be the first to see any new movies…. but last night, 3 weeks after it’s release, I finally saw The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers.

Some thoughts:

– very impressed with the work they did on Gollum

– a lot of fight sequences in this movie

– the ents didn’t move quite right

– it was nice to see an expansion of the relationship between Aragorn and Arwen

Dad and I were in the theatre an hour before the show to get a good seat and to make sure it wasn’t sold out before we got there like it was the last time we tried to go. Behind us was a family who crawled out of the bush around Fort Coulonge to make their annual trip into town. Everyone of them seemed to have a speech impediment and a respiratory ailment of some sort. They provided the pre-show entertainment.

Christina went back to Waterloo this weekend… things are lonely around here now =(

I’m off to get cleaned up and listen to the Vinyl Cafe and get ready for a week of work…


January 4, 2003

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this is a test to make sure everything is working fine.

if you can read this, you can relax.

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