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September 2, 2002

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No, not the dance… but feel free if you want to.

It is labour day and I did nothing of the sort. I want to call it a mental health day but that’s not exactly proper. I haven’t thought as much as I should.

On a different note I am a social failure (no offense to Chief and Yo Adrian). My barbeque of 6 last night turned into a bbq of 2.5. As a result I have very much food left over and have dedicated most of today to putting a sizeable dent in it. Perhaps this isn’t as unrelated as I thought.

It’s funny how life never flows as you think it should but how, in the end, everything works out as it should. This makes my thoughs turn to destiny, fate, was it really better in the overall scheme of things for my bbq to be a failure? If so I suppose “failure” isn’t the proper term.

The english language is famous for having a word for damn near everything (and for those things that don’t have a word see The Meaning of Liff co-authored by Douglas Adams) and I wonder if there is a word for “turned out shitty but better in the long run?” If anyone can think of one, please let me know.

Enough for now.

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