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August 21, 2002

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minor update

No driving range – substituted a nap on the deck.

Dinner was at Joseph’s Cellar – 16oz. t-bone (with veggies and taters) and cheesecake.


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My Retirement

Life is a strange thing. I’m 24, have a new car, new golf clubs, new clothes, I spend my day puttering around the house and have nothing at all to do except play the occaisonal round of golf.

I collect a pay cheque from work for studying (something I would have done regardless) and the most demanding part of my day is deciding what to do about supper.

So basically I’m retired at the age of 24. I’m living a charmed life =)


I took Chico, Maegan, and the Boss shopping in Ottawa this past monday. Whee!

On our way into Staples there was a lady trying to in the “out” door. They have these automatic doors which are clearly labelled “in/out” and “caution – automatic door.”

Anyways, when she realized her problem and went to go in the “in” door she reached out to grab the handle… at the moment her hand grabbed the handle the “automatic” function kicked in and the door swung open away from her, draggin her with it. It was priceless! =) Chico and I nearly killed ourselves laughing.

I said I was retired, not sophisticated or polite.

New Travel Game

Title: “Buick!”

Rules: Every time you see a Buick, shout “Buick!”

Variation 1: Every time you see a car that even remotely looks like a Buick, shout “Buick!”

Variation 2: Every time you see a car that isn’t a Buick, shout “Buick!”

Nothing much else is new… I have to go decide whether I should go to the driving range before supper or after supper.


August 14, 2002

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Dennsmore Done

My UFE prep course is over! Yea! Now I get to play tourist in Toronto.

Church Street

The sign outside one of the restaurants on this street says it all: “Chow down in gay town.”

I’ve seen gay before, I’ve even seen flambouyantly gay, but this was flambouyantly gay every where you turned. It’s a good thing I was

walking with Yo Adrian =)

Next stop: ICAO, located at 69 Bloor Street East, Toronto (I’m a little worried that I can rhyme off the address without even thinking about it).

I was very impressed. It looks exactly like it should: it’s an old stone building, not large by any standard and would be best described as “sensible”. It looks like it’s been there for a long time and like it will continue to be there for a long time into the future.

Inside at reception the lady (approaching 50, impeccibly dressed, and witha slight air of grandmother about her) helped with my questions – Note 1. I then got to use the courtesy phone to talk to another dude upstairs about the status of my UFE registration.

Everything was practical, calm and friendly at the Institute… just the kind of cult, I mean profession, I’d like to join.

Note 1 – I forgot to take my camera with me but I inted to go back and see if I can get a picture of the receptionist.

Aside – As Chartered Accountants we’re supposed to be expert liasons between the public and the profession, however, the more time I spend in this pursuit, the more I feel my social skills lapsing.

The only thing I think of is the UFE, all my conversations seem to be accounting geared, or at least arcane enough that the average person on the street would think I’m nuts, and the only people I can talk comfortably with are other accountants – and even then there are some I just want to write-off (d’oh).

If you were to chart the social skills of accounting students from first year to graduation I’m confident it would be similar to y = 100 – 20x. If you don’t understand, don’t worry, you’re not a math accountant and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

End of Aside (rant)


Yo Adrian and I have created another game which we call “Count the outrageously priced cars” and a slight variation on this called “Count the outrageously priced cars that you can see while standing in one spot.” If you need instructions and a list of rules, email me and I’ll happily respond.

A typical house in Rosedale would fetch about $150k – $175k in Pembroke but are in excess of $1M in Toronto. Needless to say I don’t intend to move to Rosedale anytime soon.

Must leave Rosedale, feel inadequate.

The Nike Store, more specifically, the Nike Golf section of the Nike Store.

I managed to escape relatively unscathed with only a purchase of $50 club covers. Other items of note:

Nike Golf umbrella – cool one touch opening function ($50)

Tiger’s balls – $65 / dozen

Tiger’s golf shoes – $200.

Movie Renaissance

Way cool store 2 blocks north of Wellesley on the west side of Yonge. Original movie posters, movie scripts, movie photos, and even the overweight pasty white guy behind the counter who is obviously living his dream =)

I scored an original, double-sided Lord of the Rings – Two Towers one-sheet. Only $20 cash (and it happened to be tax free night =).

Tired, must sleep, the continuing adventures of CA student in Toronto to follow.

August 13, 2002

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I’ve been in Toronto for the past week and a half taking a UFE prep course at Ryerson. I’ve been treating this trip as a mini vacation / cultural enlightenment experience. There are lots of neat things that I want to remember and this blog seems like as good a place as any to document my findings. =)


I’ve found so many great places to eat so I’l just list them with a brief description / directions / etc.

The Friendly Thai – Yonge Street, about 2 blocks north of Wellesley and 1 block south of Bloor.

I had coconut rice (rice steamed with coconut milk I presume) and mango chicken (probably as low as one could get on the spicy scale). It’s a charming little place that has won all kinds of Toronto food awards.

And there really is a friendly Thai (I don’t know what a Thai looks like but I’m fairly sure he wasn’t Thai, but that’s beside the point).

About $30 for lots of takeout for 2 (roughly 4 meals altogether).

Spadina Garden Restaurant – Dundas Street about a block and a half west of Yonge.

(I have no idea why Spadina is in the name because it’s not on Spadina)

This is a white-man friendly Chinese restaurant. When Yo Adrian and I went for lunch I would estimate that the ratio of white:other was about 5:1. The decor is Chinese, they put chopsticks as well as forks on the table and the menu is incredibly small in physical size and bilingual to boot!

I ordered sweet and sour chicken balls and very fast, efficiently, and politely got lemon chicken. It cost 7.95 for soup (I got wonton), rice, entree, and chinese tea. I’m proud to report that I ate and drank everything they put in front of me =)

The Bankok Garden – Just east off Yonge Street about a block just north of Dundas (I can’t remember the street – Either Elm or Edward).

Unusual place. Upstairs is the Bankok Garden proper – a very fancy Thai restaurant – approximately $40 a meal. However, if you look close enough, there’s a set of stairs leading to the basement of the Bankok Garden and labelled the Bankok Cafe or something like that.

The downstairs and serves the exact same food as the upstairs (same kitchen – I repeatedly saw a chef carry down serving dishes from upstairs to replenish the cafe) although I’m sure the selection is limited. The decor is very nice and bright, the facilities are impeccably clean.

I ordered the “3 item combo” because I didn’t see a menu anywhere and that’s what the 2 people ahead of me ordered. You got a plate of rice and you could choose 3 items from the buffet-style serving trays.

Here’s where the system broke down. The lady who was serving didn’t appear to be able to speak english, and I didn’t know what any of the dishes were made of, let alone what to call them. I resorted to pointing and thereby getting only 1 of the 3 items I pointed too. Oh well, I’m out to try new things, lets just think of this as another way to do that. =)

In hindsight, I don’t think it much mattered because I didn’t recognize anything I got other than the rice. I also decided that I was better off not knowing what I was eating anyways.

Food was lightly spicy (geared towards the white man as well I think) and total came to around $8 including a $1 bottle of water.

Marche – better known to Pembrokians as Movenpick (with the 2 dots above the ‘o’) – Yonge and Front Street in the BCE place (or something like that).

This is the market concept restaurant where you wander around this crowded recreation of an old world style market and “buy” the individual pieces of your meal.

It’s a pain in the ass because the lines are incredibly long, you can never find anything, and by the time you assemble the meal, everything but the last thing you got is cold.

The tables are too small to eat off of and the food is too expensive considering you have to do all the work yourself.

I chose to mention this restaurant despite all it’s shortcomings because of dessert and water.

Dessert – for $4 I got a slice of apple crumble that was huge. I’d say it was about 5 times the size of traditional restaurant desserts – big bang for your buck.

Water – water was the only thing besides beer that I could find in that damn restaurant to drink. They have a fountain (statue of an old woman pouring water from a bucket into the fountain pool) and you take a glass from the table beside the fountain and fill it up from the old lady’s bucket. Way cool.

The only way to make it better would be to have one of those cherubs peeing leamonade =)

The Hornero Restaurant – Southeast corner of Young and Breadalbane (1 block south of Wellesley)

Very small restaurant, painted maroon and very cosy and inviting. It’s an Italian restaurant advertising old fashioned wood oven pizza that’s run by a single family. The family is definitely not Italian but they do speak spanish. My best guess would be South American something or other. =)

When you go in you’re immediately treated like a member of the family and everyone serves you. The daughter showed us to our table and got us water and appetizers, the son was our main waiter, and the father was just all over the damn place.

The father has a very thick accent which took me about half the meal to decipher which wasn’t helped by his curious habit of suffixing everything with ‘please’.

“How are you please?”

“Here’s your table please”

“I hope you enjoyed your meal please”

“Thank you please”

You get the point please.

I had a grilled sirloin – the steak was delicious, vegetables and potatoes were to die for (anyone who knows my feelings towards vegetables will recognize that as a great compliment) and it came with a steak sauce that made my mouth water. I wish I knew what kind of sauce it was but it was fairly early on in our dining experience so all I could make out was “please.”

Yo Adrian had pizza #14. Poached pears, Italian sausage, and asiago cheese. I had a slice and next time I want pizza I’m going back there.

Chief had homemade noodles in spaghetti sauce and veal. Very good as well.

All in all we were there for about 2 hours and I would recommend budgeting no less than that to truly enjoy the experience.

The bill for the 3 of us came to about $45 which is cheap as far as I’m concerned and I would gladly pay twice that.

Thats all for that restaurant please.

It’s late and I have to get up to go to class tomorrow. I’ll update the dining list another night and also detail some of my non-food related adventures please.

Question of the day: If a tree falls in a forest while you’re in your UFE zone, does it make a sound? (please)

August 6, 2002

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The zen of UFE

You must be one with the UFE.

The path to true UFE enlightenment lies within the marking key.

Conclude often, conclude strong, take a bathroom break to clear your…. mind.

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