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July 25, 2001

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karen had her baby on tuesday (24th). it’s a boy! Tyson Murray Black.

i played golf last night with the boys from work. i managed to get my game under control. i still seem to have a problem driving, but my short game is really improving.

tonight is the start of the office baseball championship, we’re currently in 4th place (out of 4 teams) but it only takes one game to change that. i’m so excited!


July 21, 2001

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bunny and i went walking with her parents. we left at 6 and got back at 9. wow, my feets are tired.

July 20, 2001

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beautiful week all week. too bad i worked all week

tony bennett on monday in ottawa was great. he may be 75 but still sounds as good as he ever did.

golf on tuesday was ok. i shot an 83 on 9 holes. i like the woods too much.

lost the ball game on wednesday 7-6.

July 11, 2001

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one whole week without posting anything. shame on me.

well, lets see… the remainder of the cottage week was terrible.. i ended up packing everything up and coming in on thursday night because the it was too rainy and windy and i was fast running out of books to read.

didn’t do much saturday or sunday. somewhere in there my toe nails became golden in colour, and bunny and i went to the show to see scary movie 2 (dumb movie, much worse than the original – not worth the ticket price)

tuesday : golfed 11 holes with mark, tim and coach, went off-roading with chad in his monster truck, went to see the fast and the furious with chad (excellent movie for guys, not a good movie to drive home with chad after)

wednesday is ball day again. i’m happy to report that our team seems to be getting better. we lost 16-17. whee.

July 4, 2001

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well, it’s wednesday now. i came in from the cottage for the day because it’s been raining and thundereing for 2 days now. i’ve been camping out on the beach in front of the cottage. i spend my days frolicking in the sun, paddling around the lake in my canoe, reading my grownup book of fairy tales (chronicles of narnia) and roasting weenies. chico and maegan came out for canada day, donnie and lorraine came out that evening and aunt linda came tuesday night.

donnie’s been telling jokes since he got there. there was a newfy lunberjack and one day the chainsaw bucked and lopped his ear off. at the hospital a doctor ordered a young intern to go back into the woods to look for the ear. he returned shortly after with the severed ear but the newfy insisted that it wasn’t his: “mine had a pencil tucked behind it”.

chico and i ended up at crescent gardens, mmm deep-fried goodness.

it’s still raining hard. i’m due to leave for the cottage in 1 hour. goodnight.

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