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June 29, 2001

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getting ready for the cottage. i have the week off work and i’m going to veg out on the beach. i probably won’t be making any more entries for a while unless the weather turns terrible and i’m forced indoors.

the plan: ryan, tent, canoe, tire tube, beach

i ordered a “premium mousing surface” from and it came in the mail today. it’s amazing…. it’s like haveing a frictionless mouse. i am such a geek.

that is all.

June 27, 2001

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baseball day. we lost. again. bad. ice cream at dairy queen is good. it all works out.

June 26, 2001

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sunday i did nothing, it was hot out and i whiled away the day inside.

monday bunny and i went to the field of dreams driving range and hit some golf balls. it was lots of fun. there is an old van about 100 yards down the range and it’s very satisfying to hear the “thump” of a new dent being created. before going to the range i was told that the worst thing about the van is that it’s embarassing to not be able to hit it. that is not the worst thing. the absolute worst thing is hitting the van with your golf club. swing… whoosh…. golf ball go three feet, golf club go 100 yards… everybody stop and admire the graceful arc of a powerfully-tossed club… everybody watch as i not so gracefully risk my life to retrieve club.

tuesday i thought i had better practice my short game and so went to the mini-putt in petawawa. bunny beat me.

June 24, 2001

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saturday morning found me picking strawberries at boudens and then fast asleep on the couch till noon. mmm strawberries. bunny and i went rollerblading after supper. my toes are now metallic purple.

June 22, 2001

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it’s been a few days since i managed to get on here to post, but i have an excuse: it’s been an eventful week.

i saw lara croft, tomb raider on monday. excellent movie, not going to win any oscars but still a fun movie. just the right mixture of guns, explosions and slow-motion running scenes. i also purchased a lovely shade of blue nail polish and now have “powder blue” toes.

don’t remember what happened tuesday

wednesday was ball night. we lost. again. pinkbunny took one for the team and had a pretty nice limp for the evening. she’s ok now though.

thursday was wss golf day. i love golf. this is the first time i’ve ever played and i am now a golfer for life. i won the most improved player award and have now earned the nick name tj: tiger junior. i hitched a ride to the course with tim and i got to go on an irrigation system service call… whee. afterwards there was a bbq at wtd’s place. it was pretty fun. winston was as crazy as ever. got a call from chief, she’s not coming down as planned, me sad.

friday (today) after work pinkbunny and i rented 2 dvds ( shriek if you know what i did last friday 13th, o brother where are thou), got a tub of fried chicken, watched the movies and then passed out. bunny liked shriek, i liked o brother. dad came home from hamilton this evening.

thats aboot all that’s happened….. ok, love you, bye

June 17, 2001

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happy father’s day. pb and i went rollerblading down to the marina last night and we saw mr and mrs walsh walking on the boardwalk. he looks good. he says mrs walsh is keeping him strictly on doctor’s orders.

dad is leaving for hamilton in a couple of hours. he’ll be gone for a week anyways.

i bought a pair of pajama pants at walmart the other day and i hemmed them all by myself today (with a little help from my mom)

June 16, 2001

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thank god it’s the 16th. no more deadlines. we work like animals all winter and then we get to enjoy ourselves in the summer. not really so bad an arrangement – just don’t expect to eat or sleep during march or april.

got my mop chopped today and then the pinkbunny took me out for lunch at a&w. it’s nice to go out again now that the heat has finally broken. i stayed up way too late last night playing with my web development program but at least i learned how to use it – more or less. i want to start work on a new page, it’s been a while since the last one went up and i have more time now.

pinkbunny and the pinkbunny’s mother went shopping for hanging flower baskets. lord only knows what they’ll come back with =) whatever it it i’m sure it’ll be interesting.

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