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February 25, 2007

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The Day The Hamster Died

My parents packed up their bags and headed south to Florida for the month of February. This has numerous implications for me:

1) My house elf doesn’t show up for a month.
2) I have to eat lunch alone for a month.
3) I have to check on my parent’s house, shovel the driveway, and bring in the mail daily.
4) I have to hamster sit.

It’s the last point that poses the problem (but you’ve probably already guessed that from the title).

I was looking forward to having a houseguest… there’s just something about having another living thing in the house to make you less lonely. I would prefer a dog but my parents don’t have a dog, they have, I mean had, a hamster.

We were getting along great. Every morning just after I had breakfast I would change his water and fill his bowl with fresh food. I would find myself talking to him whenever I walked by or was in the same room. Things were good.

About two weeks into the hamster sitting I watched him run on the wheel, get a drink of water, and then he crawled into his coconut and went to sleep.

Or so I thought…

Turns out he was still “sleeping” the next morning, and then later that day when I came home for lunch.

This has numerous implications for me:

1) I have a Russian dwarf hamster “sleeping” in my fridge.
2) I have a sister who’s mad at me for killing her former hamster.
3) I have to phone my parents and communicate the bad news, and
4) I’ll probably never be asked to hamster sit ever again. Or any kind of pet sitting for that matter.

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